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viernes, marzo 07, 2008

big bang tv & the rowboats: live in outer space.

dl: BIG BANG TV - send/receive (YSI)
dl: THE ROWBOATS - Eyes Closed (YSI)
Okay, okay. I guess Bushwick isn't really outer space, but if you're looking for something to do in the NYC area should check out Big Bang TV, The Rowboats, The Creature DJs, and DJ Mangoose. They'll be venturing on a mission to move "your hearts, minds, and (occasionally your) butts" at Don Pedro (map it) @ 8PM tonight. $3 beers will be provided ALL NIGHT LONG.

I can attest that my heart, mind, and butt was moved quite often when I last saw Big Bang TV at Europa. As I looked around, I noticed many feet that were moved to tap, many heads were moved to nod. I even noticed Matt's "I Fucked Jack White" t-shirt. You know? Because he was wearing it when he played. You too can notice things like this. But not until you go to this show tonight. Plus, if you pretend hard enough...maybe Bushwick will feel like outer space, no?


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