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miércoles, febrero 27, 2008

sam amant: ding ding down.

The first sixteen seconds of "Ding Ding Down" give off a bit of that '80s Nintendo/Atari energy that can be heard on myspace quite often, but as soon as things really kicks's so much more than that. With nothing but a sampler and her Stratocaster guitar, Amant busts out a beat that's evocative of The Neptunes' earlier work (tracks like N.E.R.D.'s "Lapdance" come to mind) yet entirely original and decidedly less poppy. The lyrics are rather dark for a song with such a cheery title as "Ding Ding Down", including mention of either having your brain "washed" or "watched". Maybe I'm not listening closely, but both options are equally creepy.

Sam makes it clear on the space that she's "so solo she doesn't need a backing band", but it hasn't always been that way. She's a former member of the trip-hoppy pop group My Favorite Dentist Is Dead, who opened for The Cure's 2001 show in Grenoble, France. Clearly she's no stranger to performing, and I can only hope I can witness her "freaking all over the stage"
some day.

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