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miércoles, febrero 13, 2008

private party: man i'm a man machine, check out my style cos' i'm going real wild...

Private scored themselves a platinum hit in Denmark with "My Secret Lover", and the song even managed to gain attention from quite a few American blogs (from Perez Hilton to BIGSTEREO). Whether you favor the original blue-eyed soul mix (dl) or the Downsyndrome Mixxx for the clubs (dl), you may recognize the line, "Man I'm a man machine, check out my style cos' I'm going real wild, I'm plugging in keyboards one at the time and then I gotta song gotta song in no time."

In fact, these very same words are both the title and sole lyrics of the only song made available by the so-called Private Party. Is that really the title of the song? Skeptics may doubt it, but the man (Thomas Troelsen) himself has given me his word-- "yes, that is the actual song title :-)" Dude must be serious if smiley emoticons are involved. And I'm for serious when I say that this version will totally have you shaking your ass, you know? ;)

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Blogger Marcelo said...

Any chance you could post this track up again on zshare or YSI. iTunes Denmark and iTunes US do not get along very well /

1/06/2009 6:45 a. m.  

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