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domingo, diciembre 23, 2007

leif: little bit.

Leif has been mentioned on this blog plenty of times, but it was mainly for his mash-ups and remixes. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of his voice tenderly colliding with your earbuds, the time has now come. "Little Bit" is a cover by Swedish songstress Lykke Li, who you may have heard of on some blog that one time.

I'm not about to go make some big claims that Lykke Li will be the "next big thing" to come out of Sweden, and I'm not about to compare her to Feist or some crap like that. Homey don't play that. I have one single thing to say about this song. And I am going to say it with hesitation, because this isn't the sort of thing you should admit to the internet. I'm not really even sure if I've ever felt this way about a song ever. It's kind of inapprop...THIS SONG MAKES ME WANT TO TAKE MY CLOTHES OFF. Now I said it. There's no looking back.

Consider Lykke Li's version the foreplay. Leif's version falls somewhere before or after that depending on how you go about in your freaky ways. It still retains the vulnerability that makes the original so drawers-dropping, yet brings the song to the CLUBZ in the most delicious way possible.

Predictable blogger pun: I think I'm more than a little bit in love with this jam! LOLcat.
bonus track: LEIF - Electric Feel My Cool (MGMT edit) (YSI)
- space it -

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