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miércoles, enero 16, 2008

samuel: timbaland remix.

I am a sucker for the "Woo! Yeah!" sample. My love stems from my pre-puberty days spent shaking to "It Takes Two", but it has expanded to allow me to appreciate such recent jams as Ciara's "Make It Last Forever". If a song includes the "Woo! Yeah!" sample, I will probably listen to it. Feel free to test that theory.

Samuel's latest remix of Timbaland's "that's so 2007" international hit "Way I Are" uses said sample. In fact, it is essentially the basis of this entire remix. It's entirely simple, but I already told you-- I am a sucker for this sample.
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Anonymous vain319 said...

yup me to,am a sucker for thw woo

1/27/2008 10:30 a. m.  

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