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lunes, diciembre 24, 2007

aaron roche: central florida christmas.

You know how in that craptastic movie Love Actually there's this weird obsession with telling the truth around Christmastime? I never understood that, although it gives me an excuse to confess something-- I have this extreme desire to run away to Nashville, and I have no idea why.*

So I guess it's appropriate that today's song comes from Aaron Roche...of Nashville. It's been an exciting
Christmas for Mr. Roche, as a song from his project The Choir At Your Door (with Nathan Phillips, The Winston Jazz Routine) has been streaming on the Asthmatic Kitty site as part of "The Great Sufjan X-Mas Song Exchange". Roche also played guitar on Phillips' tune "Through the Snow", which was featured a few days ago as NPR's Song of the Day and can also he heard as part of the Sufjan Stevens X-Mas Song Exchange.

"Central Florida Christmas" appears on the album Big Beard Christmas, available for free on Speakerheart. The compilation also features Nashville's Aron Wright, Allie Peden, Daniel Ellsworth, Matthew Perryman Jones, "quote", Natalie Prass, Steve Lee, The Liberty Bell, and Evan Goodberry.

I was immediately drawn to Roche's selection because it doesn't sound like a Christmas song at all. I might even be able to listen to this song in July without being reminded of
guzzling down enough wine to deal with evading my grandmother questioning whether I have a girlfriend for the twentieth time.

* This is almost as lame of a secret as "I eat ice cream in bed". Also, awk segue. Can someone get me a writing class for Christmas?
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