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miércoles, marzo 05, 2008

red wire black wire: dying or insane.

In my youth, I was always scared of New York City. I learned to love it upon moving/working here, but there are some days where I feel like I'm fading here. This isn't a foreign feeling. I've felt it at college, certain jobs, and elsewhere. I'm aware that it's not a particularly original or revolutionary feeling. We've all been in those places in which we feel our current location or situation is eating away at our soul, right?

Well, Red Wire Black Wire's "Dying Or Insane" puts a tune beyond these emotions, with a simple refrain of "I think this place is killing me slowly, slowly". It may sound a little too emo for your tastes (perhaps it is), but who doesn't feel a little emo every now and then? With that said, Red Wire Black Wire describes their sound as "the saddest dance party". We all know that adding a bit of dance to your sadness always makes you feel less pathetic (think certain songs by The Cure, etc), and the results here are impeccable.

"Dying Or Insane" is among the less-upbeat songs on RWBW's debut Compass EP, joined by "Bloodline" (seemingly prepped for their unlikely country/folk crossover). The remaining three songs, including the booming title track "Compass", bump out the beats and pump out the tears. Word on the street (aka the internet) is that their live show is quite the sight. If you're in NYC, you can catch them at Club Midway (25 Avenue B, between 2nd and 3rd) on March 21st. That's Good Friday yall, and I can't think of a better way to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus than dancing to some electro-pop jams.

BONER TRACK: DNTEL & RWBW - Dumb Luck (Red Wire Black Wire remix) (YSI)

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Blogger Amazone said...

I have to go and see new york :) nice city

3/07/2008 11:45 a. m.  

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