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miércoles, marzo 19, 2008

pdl: featured on listen up podcast.

I can't deny that my blog has blatant ties to the Vanita Phone Company*, so I should probably mention that PdL was featured yesterday on the Listen Up! podcast.

You may have previously heard his song "Happiness" thanks to FLUXBLOG. Or caught word of his "playdate" Matt & Lil Kim album on BIGSTEREO or the Matt & Kim website. Maybe you heard his Cassie-OH remix of Cassie's "Me & U" on Discobelle or Palms Out Sounds. Or perhaps you were one of those people who were like "WTF is this?" in the comment section of MAKE blog's post on Gertrude, his LED drawing machine. And if you read this blog, you'll notice that his face is totally in a flyer two posts down (so sue me if I like to promote my friends!)

If none of this rings a bell, then now is the time to get familiar. His debut solo album Stop Means Go will be available digitally very soon, so I will spare you from anymore details...because you will probably be hearing about him again on this blog. Uh, very soon.


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