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martes, agosto 01, 2006

moneyshot exclusive: the swansong of gazpacho sanchez.

Today I received this message in my inbox at still-a-g(thang)mail...

"Dear all,
It is with a heavy heart and phat beatz that I deliver to you in mp3 form the first, last and only song of Gazpacho Sanchez. Gazpacho was a singer, time-traveller, friend of lemurs both real and puppet alike, ModelSpace resident, one of five SARS victims, and, first and foremost, he was a model. Gazpacho travelled into the future (which is now) to join ModelSpace and make a hit record with production team PdL and JJ Shonshay at Dregs Productions. He successfully became a ModelSpace member in June of 2006. ModelSpace featured him on ModelsYouShouldKnow. His hit record faced more difficulty. Time travel left him with only enough money for one hit song at Dregs and transformed his lemur friend Olivia Newton J. into a puppet. Tragically, Gazpacho was only able to record one verse before the Department for Homeland Security deported him from now. He died in 1999 of SARS-related complications while relaunching his career in Shanghai. His lemur (puppet) friend advised the rest of the project, seeing it to completion and blessing it with her mournfully beautiful eerily kazoo-like voice. She also helped us to locate Gazpacho's people the Plantains because Gazpacho had always thought that the world would be a happier place having heard the sounds of their tribal flute choir as they gather their daily mushrooms from the forests they call their home. Olivia has requested that all proceeds go to help keep developers out of those forests so that, even though Gazpacho is gone, the Plantains will live on. Enjoy... Gazpacho would have wanted it that way.

Gazpacho Sanchez hopes that you reach your final destination,

This all happened last night. It was quite strange so I have little memory of it but this one song. The lemur pictured above is not Olivia Newton J, but could possibly be her cousin. Rumor has it that Olivia will be pursuing a musical career in honor of Gazpacho. She will collaborate on an album of duets with several up and comers in the music industry. In the long run, she has expressed interest in working with Bjork, Outkast, and Phil Collins. Proposed songs include "I Will Always Love You (Even If I Am a Puppet)" and a cover of "Time After Time". But this is all just rumors.

"The Swansong of Gazpacho Sanchez" is full of lyrical complexity that will change your life.

DOWNLOAD: The Swansong of Gazpacho Sanchez

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