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domingo, julio 09, 2006

khia: back from the dead, now lick it now.

KHIA was victim to one of my favorite internet rumors. Years ago, the "My Neck, My Back" (you know what comes next) rapper was said to be dead. Apparently, she had given her boyfriend AIDS and he shot her. No. She didn't give him the HIV virus. The report said she gave him AIDS. Because that's how it works when you're the self-proclaimed "Queen of the South". You can just skip ahead to AIDS!

Speaking of the "Queen of the South" title...there's a bit of a problem with that. Three ladies claim to hold this title. One of them is Khia. One of them is Jacki-O, but she does not matter at all. Khia claims that she beats Jacki-O for the title because she has sold more albums and has a larger fanbase. And she's right. While Khia has ONE single that managed to get on the Billboard charts, the Poe Little Rich Girl doesn't have any. But both of these ladies must be kidding themselves. If we're going by fanbase and albums sold, Trina blows them all away. On that note, Trina once tried to offer Khia a verse on her latest album...Khia said no. She hypothetically said something like, "Hell nah, I'm the Queen of the motherfuckin' south. But I'll record a track with your man, Lil Wayne. And Trick Daddy. But not you. Ho."

Khia is very stubborn in that sense...but you gotta give her some respect. "Jealous Girls" is the jam, even if no one else has ever heard it. The girl writes her own shit, and pushes it out all by herself. She will not be featuring any other artists on her upcoming album Gangstress because she doesn't think she needs their help to sell her product. This product is going up in value now that it's been announced that she'll be featured on the second single off Janet Jackson's upcoming album, "So Excited". Well, her product is going up in value if the song is better than that stupid Nelly/Janet collabo.

Here is a remix of the first single, "Snatch the Cat Back", you can hear the original on the space. For kicks, I've also included the unreleased Janet Jackson song "Put It On Me", produced by Rich Harrison.

OH! Take note that Khia will be releasing a book called Gangsta Love this Christmas. This is going on my list next to Wendy Williams' upcoming novel in the Ritz Harper Chronicles, Is the Bitch Dead? Wendy, if you are reading this (I can dream!)...I just want you to know that you're my hero.

DOWNLOAD: KHIA- Snatch the Cat Back (remix)
DOWNLOAD: KHIA- I'm A Queen (freestyle)


BUY Gangstress, PRE-ORDER 20 Years Old

BLOGWATCH: Indie christoph has a remix by Spank Rock of Cansei de Ser Sexy's "Let's Make Love and Listen Death From Above". Arjan Writes has some pics from a recent Justin Timberlake show that might prove to you that he is indeed bringing sexy back. You Ain't No Picasso brings us a live set by Colin Meloy of The Decemberists. The Passion Boys have a new song out called "Robot Sexie Time". It makes me "excite chicken dance feeling".

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Anonymous roy said...

The reviews are correct, Justin's song is a little slow and boring. But I think complaints that SexyBack won't remix well will be proven wrong when the pros turn it out. I think he may be doing this Xtina style and starting slow just to really bring it on right before the tour.

I love your "Don't Get It Twisted."

I love Khia. Her videos especially are dirty south.

7/11/2006 9:51 a. m.  
Blogger Brandon said...

I have a funny Khia story.

Back in the day, right after Kelly Clarkson won American Idol, my sister came to visit me. We got drunk, went to the club, and were singing, "My neck, my back, Kelly Clarkson, and my crack," in the parking lot.

7/13/2006 2:37 p. m.  
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