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viernes, junio 30, 2006

june playlist: who invented the remix?

THE REMIX-- P. Diddy once released an album on Bad Boy Records called We Invented the Remix. I think it's quite obvious that Mr. Combs and friends did not invent the remix. Which leads me to wonder...who did?

I wasn't wondering very long until I came to a conclusion cares? I'm just glad they invented it. Sort of. Remixes, like most things, can be used for both good and evil. They come in many forms-- mash-ups, reinterpretations with a similar theme, changed instrumentation, the same song with an additional verse, etc. They can be everywhere from disasterous (see Mariah Carey's "Say Somethin" remix f/ Dem Franchize Boys) or glorious. The pace of the song can be slowed down or sped up depending on the goal of the remixer. An artist puts their work into another's hands to be reinterpreted, redefined, and reworked.

This June, I pay tribute to those behind the artists with the second official playlist from IT'S THE MONEYSHOT!! Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: zip file, or individually (maybe)
  1. TWEET- Turn Da Lights Off (RJD2 remix): I mentioned Tweet and the disappointing sales of this record a few posts back. RJD2 brings us a flawless, dancier mix with this one. I wonder if this single would have done better if this version was released?
  2. MISSY ELLIOTT f/ LUDACRIS- Gossip Folks (siik remix): Siik doesn't like the word mash-up, but he can make one like no one's business. He caused a bit of a stir in the blogosphere a while back with his remix of Amerie's "One Thing" (MP3) and has continued making us some hot mixes ever since. Have a listen to this Missy/Some Daz mash-up, and then check him out on the space. I'm a big fan of the Next/Outkast mash-up.
  3. TIGARAH- Japanese Queen (Mr. D's crunk remix): Mr. D is one of the few producers on this list who had the advantage of crafting the original song. In this remix, he brings in a crunk ass beat that would make Lil Jon jealous.
  4. CASSIE- Me & U (mc DJ remix): A lot of my friends don't understand my draw to mc DJ, but I really like some of his work. Here, he remixes "Me & U" with a touch that even makes Cassie sound talented. No offense to her, "Me & U" is a great song...but it doesn't necessarily make her sound like she's got the voice of our generation.
  5. MARY J. BLIGE- Be Without You (A Brucker & Sinden remix): I found this remix on Diplo's site. Mary J. Blige is awesome.
  6. DESTINY'S CHILD- Say My Name (Haldan's opportune mash-up): Haldan of Palms Out Sounds switches up this number one jam by Destiny's Child by mashing it up with an instrumental by DMX Krew. The result is much smoother than the original.
  7. SADE- By Your Side (Neptunes remix): What? The Neptunes remixed Sade? Yup! Also, The Rolling Stones. They're all over the place, and I'm glad for it. I used to hate this song because the original would always be playing on the radio station at the bagel shop I used to work at. Once I heard The Neptunes remix, I realized that it's actually a really cute song. And you know me. It just needs to be cute to get me sold on it.
  8. JAY-Z- December 4th (EK remix): I couldn't find out much about EK for obvious reasons (impossible to google). This is one of the many remixes of "December 4th" floating around the net, and it's certainly one of the best.
  9. SHARON PHILLIPS- Want 2 Need 2 (Trentemoller remix): Trentemoller has a resume which includes remixes for The Knife and Röyksopp, so this is some good stuff. I didn't know anything about Sharon Phillips before hearing this, but now I'd like to know a little bit more.
  10. JENNY WILSON- Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward (The Knife remix): Jenny Lewis is a former child actress, Jenny Wilson is Swedish. That's the only difference you really need to know. OH, also...Jenny Lewis does not have a remix done for her by The Knife. In that respect, Jenny Wilson wins.
  11. ROBYN- Be Mine (Meatboys remix): I swear the theme from Jeopardy is sampled in this song. You don't want to know what came up when I googled "meat boys". Okay, so it wasn't that bad. But just imagine!
  12. ANNIE- The Crush (Richard X version): Richard X really fixed this song. I have to agree with fluxblog on that one.
  13. MARIAH CAREY- It's Like That (McSleazy remix): Mimi's emancipation just got gayer, as McSleazy takes this jam to the club.
  14. BUSTA RHYMES- Touch It (Diplo remix): Diplo fleshes this remix out with a sample of the Daft Punk song that was used for the original. You know how I feel about Busta Rhymes, so let's not even talk about him.
  15. THE CLIPSE- Drop It (Les Biches remix): Blogs have been pissing themselves over how good this mixtape is...but it's, you know, okay.
  16. RICK ROSS- Hustlin' (DJ Benzi refix): This is by far my favorite remix on this entire playlist. Here, the man responsible for The Clipse mixtape, mashes Rick Ross with the instrumental from Nelly Furtado's "Maneater". It doesn't sound like it'd work, but it actually makes both songs better. Truly, a successful mash-up. Truly, a reFIX.
BONUS TRACK: CHAM f/ AKON- Ghetto Story (remix): Honestly, I just forgot to upload this one on the zip file. It's a prime example of a song that instrumentally remains the same, but brings in the voice of another artist. In this case, that artist is Akon. I often wonder if the world will grow tired of Akon...his voice is EVERYWHERE-- remixes, hooks, and his own songs. It's either going to solidify his career or ruin it.

BLOGWATCH: Perez Hilton is streaming Fergie's new single "London Bridge (Oh Shit!)"...and oh shit! I actually kind of like it. If you tell anyone, I will cut you.

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Anonymous Cruz said...

hey wasup... so where do i get to hear this horrendous Mariah remix...she usually does well... at least with the Club stuff? like the Junior Vasquez remix of Heartbreaker...

7/12/2006 11:57 a. m.  

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