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martes, junio 20, 2006

kelis: i don't just like this, i like this like this

Kelis is a fascinating individual. I once deemed her the "American R&B equivalent of Bjork" due to her eclectic repertoire, and I didn't just come up with that title because of her collaboration with Bjork. She's all over the place. One minute she's falling apart and floating in a creepy, gothic wasteland, and moments later she's a pop culture phenomenom. She's an R&B sensation, yet she's a rockstar. She's a commercial failure, and a dance music superstar. She's a child! She's a minimalist! She's the first girl to scream on a track.

Now, she's back with an 808...and a new haircut. And, oh yeah, a new album. Her new single "Bossy" has been met with mixed reviews by fans, and it isn't quite causing a storm on the charts. Despite this, there is much hype among fans about Kelis Was Here, which is full of collaborations with today's hottest producers-- Scott Storch, Cee-Lo,, Linda Perry, Swizz Beatz, and more.

Speaking of those hot producers, let's talk about a recently leaked track done by Swizz Beatz (Beyonce's "Check Up On It", Busta Rhymes' "Touch It"). The song is called "Like You", and though it's been met by mixed reviews on the's amazing. Sampling the opera diva song from The Fifth Element, "Like You" is a combination of fifth grade vernacular ("I don't just like you, I like you like you") and sleaziness ("He's making me hot...or is it his cock?"). This is something only Kelis can get away with.

Something about this track creeps me out though...A month ago, my friend Anna and I decided we were going to record a mini-movie called "KELIS: THE OPERA". The plot involved two milkshake stands, both alike in dignity...well, actually one of them was operated by an evil guy. Also, our main number "Milkshake" involved a synchronized swim routine.

After having developed this idea, I can't help but think that Kelis has stolen our thoughts, using them as inspiration for this song. I guess I'll be able to confirm this theory for sure when her next music video has aquatic choreography.

DOWNLOAD: KELIS- Like You (shoutout to Plavalaguna for this one)

PRE-ORDER Kelis Was Here, to be released August 8th

BONUS TRACK: KELIS- Get Along With You (Fake ID Remix)

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