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jueves, julio 06, 2006

coach said not to: words that I employ.

COACH SAID NOT TO was all over totes, but now that I'm doing the moneyshot!!...I feel as if they deserve another shoutout.

I once urged a friend to listen to their song "Unlikely Architect", and they quickly dismissed it as "lesbian music". This isn't a horribly inaccurate description, as the promo for their first full length album defines it as "the lovechild of Ani DiFranco and Jeff Buckley born live on the Broadway stage". But don't let those words get in the way. Lezzi tunes or not, these songs are matter what they say. And honestly...admit it. You kind of love lesbian music. Don't you? You do! You do! I knew it. You love vag, and you're totally a lesbian. You want mad tight vaginas all over your face!

But I shouldn't get off topic. Coach Said Not To makes no claim to their lesbian music status (though the drummer Annika thinks boys are smelly), so let's just drop it. Let's talk about how these four ladies who never meant to be a band are now the cat's meow in the twin cities. And why not? With their beautiful harmonies and abrupt rhythm changes they brought something new to the scene that was apparently missing. Oh yeah, they also have a sense of humor. Their band name came from a University of Minnesota pamphlet on safe sex, in which number 71 on the list of "101 Ways to Turn Down Sexual Advances" was simply "Coach said not to".

DOWNLOAD: COACH SAID NOT TO- A Series of Near Misses

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BIG UPS TO: Bigstereo for shouting out the moneyshot!! with a post about Yo Majesty's "Kryptonite Pussy" (see 6/23/06). Speaking of kryptonite, Superman Returns was THE MONEYSHOT. My only complaint about it is that I kept wishing Kate Bosworth was Rachel McAdams. Other than that, it dominated over X3: The Last Stand as far as summer superhero movies go. Even Hugh Jackman's bulging pectorals couldn't have saved X3.

BLOGWATCH: The first tune from the Snakes on a Plane soundtrack "Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)" is playing on the space. It is by Cobra Starship featuring vocals from members of The Sounds, The Academy Is..., and Gym Class Heroes. Analog Giant gives us another new track by Jurassic 5. I was there has the Simian Mobile Disco remix of Peaches' "Downtown" that you didn't want to actually buy from iTunes. No frontin' has a great Richard X tune featuring Kelis that I hadn't heard until today.

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Anonymous nuri said...

i found that richard x track about 2 years ago when i was randomly searching for kelis somewhere. loves it.

7/06/2006 2:47 a. m.  

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