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miércoles, julio 05, 2006

lil kim: been gone for a minute.

LIL KIM was released from prison this weekend. Honestly, with that kind of news...who gives a fuck about Independence Day? Uncle Sam ain't got shit on the Queen Bee.

This Monday, she pulled out at 6am in a silver Rolls Royce with a crowd of admirers celebrating her freedom. In other words, she walked away from the slammer with style.

On a random note, my cousin told me a lovely story about her friend, who we will call Angela for the sake of storytelling. Angela was rollin' down the street while wearing a "We Love Kim" bracelet, made for my cousin Kim who was diagnosed with a rare cancer that attacks soft tissue in the body. As Angela rolls down the block, a ghettofab chick sees her bracelet and asks..."Yo, is that bracelet in support of Lil Kim?" Angela doesn't really feel like explaining the whole story, so she states, "That's right. Stay strong queen bee!" Strangely enough, I once planned to sell these bracelets in support of America's Next Top Model (Cycle 5) contestant Kim Stolz. I never really thought to rep for the streets and rock the bracelet in the name of the Queen Bee.

It may be a little late...but the bracelets are still for sale! Support whoever you want-- Lil Kim, Kim Stolz, Kim Catrall, Kim Bassinger, Kim Possible, Kimberly Stewart (she could use the support),, Kimberly Locke?

If you're feeling charitable but want to donate to something bigger, check out Lil Kim Cares and see how the Queen Bee gets down with charity. If you have no time for charity, you can spend your time waiting for the second season of Countdown to Lockdown.

DOWNLOAD: LIL KIM f/ JAY-Z- Big Momma Thang

BUY The Naked Truth, BUY Hard Core

BLOGWATCH: Just like music is hooking us up with some new tracks by Jurassic 5. This time they don't involve Dave Matthews...thankfully. Obscure sound brings us two new tracks from Outkast's Idlewild that ain't no "Hey Ya", but they don't disappoint.

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Anonymous Just Like Music said...

Hey, thanks for showing some love. It's a nice blog you got here. :-)

7/05/2006 3:48 a. m.  
Anonymous nuri said...

kim possible!

'big momma thang' is kim's best track, handsdown.

are you for serious, there's going to be a second season of Countdown to Lockdown?

7/06/2006 2:42 a. m.  

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