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viernes, julio 14, 2006

cassie: the unofficial remixes

CASSIE (aka the much more google-able Cassandra Ventura) unexpectedly stormed onto the charts with her debut single "Me N U", but what most don't know is that she unexpectantly got a record deal. She didn't intend to be a star. Once she met producer Ryan Leslie, her mother wanted her to record a song with him for her birthday. Ryan produced a duet for the two of them called "Kiss Me" which got into the hands of Tommy Mottola. He loved it, offered her a management deal....and eventually Diddy got involved and Cassie is now part of the rebirth of Bad Boy Records.

I want to be happy for Cassie, but a small part of me can't help but think of the much more talented vocalists who should be in her place. None of the songs I've heard by her have shown any range, and the only talent she seems to have is sounding sexy. Honestly. You could claim she has versatility as she raps on her upcoming single "Long Way 2 Go", but it's not even a great flow. It's all in the production...or is it?

What confuses me about my accusation is that Cassie still sounds sexy on every remix I've ever heard of "Me N U". I could argue that this is because these productions also have good beats...or that it's the vocal production, but I think I just need to stop thinking about it. It's kind of listening to "Hips Don't Lie". I know it's a terrible song lyrically, but I can't help loving it.

Hot girls singing about how hot they are is the new "Hey Ya". Just accept it.

DOWNLOAD: CASSIE- Me N U (siik's Ratatat remix)
DOWNLOAD: CASSIE- Me N U (Mikel remix)
DOWNLOAD: CASSIE- Me N U (Kwame's stimulated remix)
DOWNLOAD: CASSIE- Me N U (mc DJ remix)


BONUS TRACK: CASSIE- Long Way 2 Go (next single)

PRE-ORDER Cassie, TBR August 8th

BLOGWATCH: BadmintonStamps has an MP3 of the Snakes on a Plane theme by Cobra Starship, which is surprisingly catchy in a shitty epic emo kind of way. Some velvet blog posted a dance party-ready mash-up of No Doubt/Deep Purple/The Gorillaz, which has got me feelin' hella good.

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