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martes, julio 11, 2006

life: you're either in or you're out.

NICK VERREOS of Project Runway 2 was literally in the same restaurant as me today. Pop Burger in NYC on 14th and 9th. I was eating with my boss. He was wearing an orange shirt...and presumably chowing down on some cheeseburgers with his boyfriend. Within the same day, my boyfriend saw last season's winner Chloe Dao outside of F.I.T. Now I ask you do EITHER of these individuals live in NYC? NO.

I immediately thought that this was some exciting spoiler. Nick and Chloe in the same city on the same day! They must be filming an episode for season 3!

Then I thought to actually read Nick's blog. Nope. Nick was blatantly in the city for tomorrow's NYC Premiere Party and Emmett's Trunk Show. Kara Janx, Chloe, Nick, and obviously Emmett himself will all be making appearances at the events. Knowing this made me feel less special.

What's made me less special is that I didn't even have the guts to say hello to Nick. My former co-blogger interviewed him before! It's like I almost know him. However, I asked myself, "If I were famous, trying to enjoy a burger with my boyfriend, would I appreciate someone coming up to me to say nothing relevant to my life?" No. I told myself, "No".

So what's my fucking point? What does this have to do with music?

There aren't enough songs about being famous and eating cheeseburgers with your boyfriend. It's that simple. Also, I have no point. I just wanted to let the rest of America know that this happened to me.

OH, but in that interview I mentioned earlier Nick responded to one of the questions...

"In regard to 'whickety whack'--that's what I think is the correct spelling. It's something I came up with to describe something that is both tacky and 'whack'(slang for 'crazy'). For example: Tacky trim is 'whickety whack', or those over-the-top Quinciniera (Sweet Fifteen) dresses some girls wear are definitely 'whickety whack'."

This is entirely untrue. As much as I adore Nick, Kris Kross used the word "whickety-whack" back in 1992 on their hit song "Jump". Unless Nick was saying whickety-whack before the backward mack daddies, he did not come up with the term. Therefore, you should never trust Nick Verreos. But you should wear his clothes because they are cute.

DOWNLOAD: KRIS KROSS- Jump (Extended Mix)

(song they play when designers get booted, so you can re-enact your fave eliminations)

BUY Totally Krossed Out

Project Runway 3
debuts tomorrow night at 10PM on Bravo, with a 9PM casting special beforehand.

BLOGWATCH: Pardom My Freedom has some new tracks by Uffie. Arjan Writes is streaming a snippet of that new song by The Killers.

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