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martes, julio 25, 2006

onili: making you say oh!...nili!

ONILI sounds like a pink rebellious rabbit, or at least that's what she says on the space. I'm not sure about rebellion, but everytime you hear onili it kind of feels like a tiny, microscopic pink mischievous rabbit goes inside of your brain and starts pushing buttons without looking.

With that sort of introduction, aren't you dying to hear what she has to offer? Well, if not, let me tell you her story. Onili was born in Israel, but has spent most of her life in Paris. She was in her first band by the age of 13, covering Iron Maiden and had always aspired to be a huge female rock star. At 16, she created her second band Story About the Clown with her best friend Jeremy. From there, she went on to collaborate with several artists, but by February 2002 she took it to the next level. With her first computer in hand, onili began composing her own songs and exploring her originality and influences. In need of nature, she relocated back to Israel and is working on finishing touches for a new album. Currently, onili can not go home, as her city is being bombed. No matter what you believe in, I ask that you pray and hope that she is doing well.

Onili's influences range from Busta Rhymes to Led Zeppelin to Bjork and are constantly changing. Despite her electro sound, you'd have a difficult time placing her within a specific genre. She's funky...but not in an annoying way. If I could easily describe her music I would...but considering even she has to resort to saying that it sounds like "a pink rebellious rabbit", I think you'll just have to listen to find out.


Friend her: The Space
...Details on buying album to come

BLOGWATCH: Fluxblog has got a tune from Hello Stranger, formerly known as Vagenius. Said the Gramophone brings us the Ratatat remix of The Knife's "We Share Our Mother's Health". A while back, Analog Giant leaked one amazing track off of the upcoming album by The Roots.

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Anonymous Arch Noble said...

There's something charming about reading "some facts about my physical being" on a band's profile -- in an engrish sorta way.

I almost didn't download these songs when you said "she's funky." But Games is worth it for that waning snarl at the end.

7/26/2006 9:18 a. m.  

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