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lunes, julio 17, 2006

venus hum: like björk but more fun

VENUS HUM found me in an unusual way. At work. Well, they didn't literally pop through the doors of the office, throw headphones on my ears, and force me to listen to their music of course. I suppose it's better to say that I found them while working. I was browsing through the site of a remarkable PR/marketing company and Venus Hum happened to be one of their clients. When I visited their space page, my ears were met by the most succulentistic (I had to make up a word for it) electro-indie pop I've heard in a while. It was polished, yet still unique.

My first thought upon listening to "Fighting For Love" was that it reminded me of a Björk remix, particularly the Soft Pink Truth remix of "It's In Our Hands". I quickly decided that I needed to do my research to confirm I turned to my boyfriend, who happens to be studying at Oxford for a degree in economics, politics, and philosophy with a minor in B
jörkitude. Even though he was on dial-up (I know, right! Who uses THAT anymore??), he agreed to the laborious task of downloading the song and taking a listen. His immediate reaction-- "You're right. It's like Björk...but more fun."

Upon further thought, I came up with my own hypothetical "what if" pseudo-hipster I'm - going - to - name - a - band - you - probably - haven't - heard - of - unless - you - know - Max - from - shitparade description. Venus Hum is what would happen if the tourbuses of
Björk and Bedtime for Toys crashed, only to miraculously combine the group and artist into one super, electronic indie power group.

Later in the day, I downloaded the Venus Hum album The Colors In the Wheel and took a listen. Unfortunately my assessment was a little bit off. The album was much more complex than this one song I had used to evaluate the entire sound of the band. It also was, well...good.

All in all, I learned one important lesson: The reason PR/marketing companies exist is to make you buy things. I fell into their trap, and I don't regret it. I highly recommend that you download "Birds and Fishes" by the way. It is required listening for lovers of a certain multi-talented Icelandic singer-songwriter...and no, I'm not talking about Silvia Night.

DOWNLOAD: VENUS HUM- Fighting For Love
DOWNLOAD: VENUS HUM- Surgery in the Sky

BUY The Colors In the Wheel, BUY Songs for Superheroes

BLOGWATCH: Soul sides has a great write up on the Neptunes, including new tunes by Pharrell Williams, Lupe Fiasco, and Famlay. Popbytes has a new tune by gangstress Khia, in which she asks for the Lord to forgive her...seriously. When your pussy and your crack is licked that much, you need to find a little Jesus. You can also hear another Khia track at DListed in which she states, "I know you wanna suck this pussy so get down on your knees". I suppose it's time for a little repentance yourself...just for reading that line.

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Blogger no milk said...

i'll check out venus. as for bjork, i totally love her and if you like her remixes, you should check out the fan-made remixes at the bjork remix web archive. i wrote about it here!

7/18/2006 2:02 p. m.  

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