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lunes, abril 23, 2007

mike b: italian pop lock.

MIKE B is a DJ, and he might be the one that saved your life last night. No? Not right? Well, it's a fact that he is the man behind "Italian Pop Lock", which I'm currently bumping as I type.

"Italian Pop Lock" brings together the delightful anthem "Pop Lock and Drop It" by Baby Huey (see video) and Black Strobe's "Italian Fireflies". I honestly don't know the latter song, and I probably wouldn't like this as much if I did.

In fact, I initially thought the instrumental of "Italian Fireflies" was annoying, but when I thought about's no more annoying than the original instrumental of "Pop Lock and Drop It" (or the entire song for that matter). For some reason, it seems like these songs were meant to be together...and that's the only way I'll take my mash-ups and blendinis. Maybe the vocals and instrumental are annoying, but they're annoying together. Ain't that some cute shit?

Now we just need some girls to dance with us in empty pools. DO NOT RUN. Running is not acceptable, but I'm sure the lifeguards won't mind if you toot that thang up.

d/l: MIKE B (BABY HUEY vs. BLACK STROBE)- Italian Pop Lock (YSI)
(Electro/hip-hop mash-up)
- site it - space it -

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