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lunes, abril 16, 2007

gotdion: remix, ciara's "like a boy".

GOTDION has been getting a lot of mentions on this blog, but that's because nearly every song he remixes tends to be better than the original.

"Like a Boy" has to be my least favorite song on Ciara: The Evolution. I seem to be one of few people who think she looks totally gorgeous dressed as a man in the video, yet I also seem to be one of few people who have extreme problems with the message of this song. I'm 100% behind female empowerment jams, songs about triflin' men, but I have no tolerance for the generalizations in this song. Here, the title itself implies that to be "like a boy" means that you have to lie, cheat, keep secrets, and play games. There are plenty of respectable boys in this world who don't do any of these things. I can't be mad at Ci
ara for this song. She is merely a performer, and the songwriters are none other than The Clutch, the people who brought you Mary J. Blige's "Take Me As I Am", LeToya Luckett's "She Don't", and Omarion's "Icebox". The Clutch are great at writing catchy R&B pop tunes, but I don't include "Like a Boy" in this category.

Rant aside, GotdioN's remix pops out the usual adrenaline-rushed beat that propels me out of my computer chair and gets me dancing around my room like a cracked-out Michael Jackson. I'm too busy dancing to pay attention to the lyrics, and even if I did...the song sounds appropriately angrier, to the point that I can forgive everyone involved for their problematic gender statements.

d/l: CIARA- Like a Boy (GotdioN remix) (YSI)
(energy-infused remix of a boring Ciara song)
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Speaking of Ciara, Kevipod brings us "Do It" a bonus track off of the European edition of The Evolution. This song was produced by and samples Salt 'N' Pepa's "Push It".

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Blogger SafehAnDz said...

WOOHOOO Got Dion!!!...get ur game on bro...this should be an official remix

4/16/2007 3:58 p. m.  

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