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lunes, abril 02, 2007

sofia talvik: street of dreamix.

SOFIA TALVIK just released a new video for the Johan Sigerud remix of her song "So Good". Directed by Trevor Clarence, the video details the story of a green apple coping with it's break-up with a red apple. It's not genius, but it's damn cute thanks to the happy ending. "So Good" is the first video emerging from Ms. Talvik's Street of Dreamix project. As the name may suggest, this is a remix album. As in, this is a remix of her latest album Street of Dreams. Genius, right? Well, at least it's cute too.

I'm not quite sure why Street of Dreamix hasn't been getting much attention on the interweb. I with most remix albums, there's absolutely no consistency song from song, given the various collaborators who contribute their own unique takes on the songs. However, it's motherfuckin' FREE. Since when did people turn down fr
ee music? I certainly don't turn down music when the artist literally TELLS me to take it from them. Sofia done did that. So you should take it. I don't care if you've never heard of her. You will probably like one of these remixes.

As I mentioned previously, I highly recommend the Sophie Rimheden remix of "Mother's Way, Father's Way". Another favorite of mine is the hatelove remix of "I Won The First Prize Tonight". I
don't know who this hatelove character is, but um...good work?

d/l: SOFIA TALVIK- So Good (Johan Sigerud remix) (YSI)-----------> video
d/l: SOFIA TALVIK- I Won The First Prize Tonight (hatelove remix) (YSI)
(remixes of Swedish folk-pop artist)
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