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domingo, abril 15, 2007

grizz le beast: it's the grizz.

GRIZZ LE BEAST has a pretty cool name and makes pretty cool mash-ups.

Have you been craving your favorite hip-hop joints mingling with your favorite electro-hipster jams? Have you been feeling like there is a lack of dancing in your life? Are your genitals itching?

Well, Grizz can't help with that last part...but he can help with the other two problems. Grizz Le Beast brings together !!! & Yung Wun, Basement Jaxx & Yo Gotti, Ratatat & Three 6 Mafia, Camille Jones & Run DMC, Phunk-a-Delic & UNK, and more. The combinations are priceless...kind of like From Justin to Kelly but with 96 times as much chemistry and no Justin Guarini. And no choreographed dance scenes. And more rappers? Yeah. I suppose this isn't anything like From Justin to Kelly, but I don't really know how to describe the hot sounds that are flooding my ears right now. They're pretty h
ot. You know?

Are your genitals still itching? Sorry. Grizz Le Beast won't help, but these tunes might take your mind off of it for a few minutes.

d/l: GRIZZ LE BEAST- Adidas Creeps (YSI)
d/l: GRIZZ LE BEAST- Rock It Out (YSI)
d/l: GRIZZ LE BEAST- Wildcats Stay Fly (YSI)
(various electro/hip-hop mash-ups)
- space it -

BLOGWATCH: Sound Gymnastics has some new songs from Mark Ronson featuring Lily Allen (hate) and Amy Winehouse (love). Surviving the Golden Age made an excellent hip-hop mixtape with new songs from Fabolous, DJ Khaled, and Freeway. Bigstereo brings us a great post about Felix Cartal, featuring a remix of Ashlee Simpson's "L.O.V.E." (don't act like you're too good for it).

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Anonymous don.r said...

is the fire!

4/16/2007 12:00 p. m.  
Anonymous grizz said...

actually, i do have choreographed scenes. plus, i can help w/ the genital itch.

well posted cap'n

4/17/2007 12:02 p. m.  
Blogger Joe John said...

Once again, Grizz, you amaze me. Well, I think you amaze millions whose genitals are still itching a bit more.

4/17/2007 12:07 p. m.  
Blogger Red Foxxworth said...


4/17/2007 12:24 p. m.  

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