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martes, abril 10, 2007

the seaworthies: we could make a movie out of this.

THE SEAWORTHIES think I'm friendly, and I think they make good music even though they're married to one another.

I just downloaded a copy of their out-of-print album We Could Make A Movie Out of This from their virb page, and it's hott with a capital hott. I never know what categorizes "good" indie-pop, because it tends to be in a different category from "good" rock, and then everyone seems to have different definitions of what "good" means. However, this album is good indie-pop, even for people who hate the word "indie". I hate the word "indie", and I probably hate you. But I probab
ly don't. Maybe. One thing is for sure-- I like the Seaworthies.

No, but seriously. This is good stuff. According to a review by Fensepost Records, We Could Make A Movie Out of This was actually released by Moon Turn the Tides (The Seaworthies + 3 other peeps). The same review compares their original sound to that of the Elephant 6 collective (Apples in Stereo, Beulah, Neutral Milk Hotel, etc.)
Since then, the couple has added more electronic elements to the mix. Luckily, they haven't lost the magic yet. In fact, it seems like the magic has just begun.

d/l: THE SEAWORTHIES- It's a Lovely Time of Year (YSI)
(quality power-couple indie-pop)
- buy it - site it - virb it - space it -

CREDNOTE: The Seaworthies opened for Bishop Allen, The Robot Ate Me, Saturday Looks Good to Me, Built to Spill, and several other wonderful people. Also, I am missing a concert on campus by The Robot Ate Me, Grizzly Bear, Laura Goldhamer, and Boy Crisis. Can you feel my sadness? I can.

BLOGWATCH: R. Kelly Edition-- Palms Out Sounds has a great remix of "I'm a Flirt", and Idolator kicks it ol' skool with an unappreciated jam "Red Carpet (Pause, Flash)". This is the remix to my conclusion.

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