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viernes, abril 06, 2007

curtis vodka: remixes.

CURTIS VODKA has a virb page. So do I, and for some strange reason...I'm obsessed with it.

More importantly, Curtis Vodka has music on his virb page, including a remix of the highly underrated track "How We Do It Over Here" from Busta
Rhymes f/ Missy Elliott. The minimal instrumental brings us back to the days when Busta relied on his creativity and wordplay more than the huge beats he's rapping on these days (see "Touch It" compared to "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See"). Admittedly, this song doesn't have much lyrical genius to emphasize with the minimal beat, but it's enough genius to fill the dance floor at your next party.

While I swear to God that this isn't an advertisement for virb, you need to get on that shit and friend Mr. Vodka. While you're there you can download some other remixes including Clipse, The Pack, Lil Jon, Young Dro, and Cassidy.

d/l: BUSTA f/ MISSY- How We Do It Over Here (Curtis Vodka remix) (YSI)
d/l: CLIPSE f/ PHARRELL- Mr. Me Too (Curtis Vodka remix) (YSI)
d/l: THE PACK- Vans (Curtis Vodka remix) (YSI)
(hip-hop remixes)
- buy it 1 - buy it 2 - virb it - space it - hype it -

BLOGWATCH: Today is apparently a good day for pop music? Idolator has two new tracks featuring R. Kelly, including the wonderful "This Is Why I'm Cold/This Is Why I'm Kellz" with Twista. Said the Gramophone praises the new Rihanna single "Umbrella", saying that it's post-Amerie, post-Kelly Clarkson, post-rock, and even post-M.I.A. Chazology shows some love for Lil Mama, aka the "Lip Gloss" chick.

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