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martes, abril 10, 2007

podington bear: dntel remix.

PODINGTON BEAR was once deemed by me as "the cutest thing to ever happen to your iPod". Months later, my opinion hasn't changed. And months later...we see Podington heading into a new direction.

The latest installment of his MWF podcast features a remix of Dntel's "Dumb Luck", off of the upcoming album (also titled Dumb Luck). This is the first remix ever completed by Podington, and it is also the first song featured that actually has lyrics. I'm not entirely sure about my feelings on Dntel, but my feelings on this remix are pretty strong-- It's a good look for Podington...or um, a good listen? While it's not necessarily better than the instrumental tracks, it makes me hope that Podington takes on more remixes in the near future.

If you haven't subscribed to this bear's podcast yet, you're seriously missing out. But don't fret my pet! It's not too late for you to stop being a piece of poop in the honeypot. Pull yourself together and get hooked up NOW.

d/l: DNTEL- Dumb Luck (Podbear mix) (YSI)
d/l: PODINGTON BEAR- Weeblewobble (YSI)
(remix and original track by a forest-dweller)
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BLOGWATCH: Fluxblog has a track by Kids on TV and a lovely review of a track by Avril Lavigne. I'd also like to point out that Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" has somehow become this paradigm establishing what it means to be a good pop song. Thepunkguy points us in the direction of a remix Diplo did of M.I.A.'s "Bird Flu". Arjan Writes has a new one from Codebreaker. Shameless Complacency is shaping up to be my new favorite blog, featuring a collection of Bjork b-sides.

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