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viernes, agosto 01, 2008

tyskerhar: 5 combo hit.

dl: TYSKERHAR - 5 Hit Combo (Z - YSI)
Tyskerhar is a duo composed of Ms. Mao Dou Mao of Beijing on vocals and Seek Zag Lazer of Berlin on beats. They've just released their new album Forever and debuted three new tracks on the space. I'm a little torn over the new material. On one side, these are some completely enjoyable songs to shake your ass to. On the other hand, I feel like that annoying old lady who lives next door and wants "those darn kids" to turn the music down. It's all a little too boisterous for me, and I'd like to see Tyskerhar embrace their full range of sound (that's evident on more mellow, minimal songs like "Interplanetarian Tai Chi" and "Chinese Nipplez"). Sure, the other tracks may have been less subtle about their slightly problematic racial marginalization, but the more important issue here lies in one simple question---does everything always have to be about bangers?
  • "Well, all I hear all day long is how great bangers are at this or how wonderful bangers did that. Bangers, bangers, bangers!"--- Jan Brady, circa 10 minutes ago
  • "I am deeply offended by this post. Some of my best friends are bangers."---some white kid who went to Wesleyan or Bard and feels sad about their white privilege
  • "pig robots will be big in 2k11, and ur a FGGT."---hipster runoff
BONER TRACK: TYSKERHAR - Interplanetarian Tai Chi (Z - YSI)

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