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viernes, julio 11, 2008

santi, get that check! (omgee, what a sellout).

(Not photoshopped, as seen at subway stop and my flickr album, I saw that)
Even though I'm not even close to having gone to school with her and could never quite write a series of posts entitled "BONER4SANTI", I'm sure plenty of current Wesleyan students and alums can relate to feeling like they have a very personal relationship with Santi White. Every time I pass her Converse ad at the 14th street subway stop, I say in my head, "SANTI, GET THAT CHECK!" For real! Let Bud Light Lime, Ford, VO5, EA Sports, Zune, and MTV write their checks, tour with motherfuckin' Coldplay, do your thang and...GET THAT CHECK GIRL! Anyone who would stop listening to you because you're a "sellout" deserves to be hate-fucked by a chainsaw, as well as anyone who wouldn't start listening to you because of that mentality. The concept of selling out is absurd to talk about with current climate of the music industry. Do you want your favorite artist to pay their rent? Well, perhaps you should tell people to stop copping their albums illegally.

Can we talk about something though? What the fuck do those "Three Artists, One Song" Converse ads have to with shoes? They might as well just call it
"Three Artists, One Cup" because that'd be just as relevant to what they're trying to sell. Couldn't it be like "Three Artists, One Shoe, One song"? Well, technically "one shoe" is kind of useless, unless you're a total tryhard who wears a Converse on just one foot. Also, "My Drive Thru" doesn't make me want to buy shoes at all. If anything, the video makes me wonder where I could buy that cute marching band jacket so I could give it to a friend who could pull off that kind of shit. More importantly, it just makes me wish that it was "One Artist, One Song" because Santi's parts are 1000% better than those of Pharrell & Julian Casablancas. I guess N.E.R.D. pretty much provided the beat, but I'm kind of over them right now until they start doing something interesting again.

If anyone reading this is wondering what song I'm talking about, you can download it here. I feel like this remix from Bud Light Lime's website is certainly relevant enough for this post, as well as relevant to Santi's career since "Lights Out" will be the third single off her self-titled album. The TEPR remix has nothing to do with this topic, but it's one of the more interesting remixes of Santogold wandering about the internet.

BONER TRACK: SANTOGOLD - Lights Out (remix) (YSI)


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Anonymous matthew said...

does that mean that bud light lime is going to be the new pbr? please say it isn't...

7/15/2008 10:01 a. m.  
Blogger JJS III said...

Ha, the only way that would happen is if enough "hip" bars kept the price for Bud Light Lime very low. I mean, that's the true glory of PBR, right? Walking around in Brooklyn, I've noticed several specials for BL Lime, but I doubt it's tasty (or tasteless) enough to catch on to that level. far as I know, Pabst has never made such a blatant attempt to appeal to a certain demographic, right? BL Lime's tactics are a little too transparent, you know?

7/15/2008 10:51 a. m.  

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