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miércoles, julio 09, 2008

freekstyler: maximum capacity.

dl: FREEKSTYLER - Maximum Capacity (YSI)
The internet appears to have taken a break from their collective, massive boner for sample-king Greg Gillis (Girl Talk). I never mentioned his latest album Feed The Animals (mostly because I figured you've already downloaded it) due to the fact that I feel that so many individuals have been working the A.D.D. mash-ups recently. Gillis has a very specific style that generally leans toward mixing classic rock with recent hip-hop hits, but others have taken the style to different levels by meshing indie with pop, indie with indie, pop with pop, and so forth. No disrespect to Gillis! I'm glad he managed to popularize this style, and his production is a lot sleeker, more inventive, and humorous than some of his biters. I'm just sayin' that there are other people doing what he does in a way that might appeal to other demographics, ya heard?

One of those people is Freekstyler, who recently sent me a new song called "Maximum Capacity". The new jam features elements of 50 Cent with Justin Timberlake & Timbaland, Aaliyah, Alice Deejay, Chris Brown & T-Pain, Diddy & Keyshia Cole, E-40, Enur & Natasja, Guns N' Roses, Huey, Larry Tee & Princess Superstar, R. Kelly, Technotronic, Tweet, and Usher. I'm particularly fond of the moment when Huey's "Pop, Lock & Drop It" has a brief fling with "Sweet Child O' Mine" and then decides that it'd rather make love in a club. I look forward to hearing more from Mr. Freekstyler, and you'll be hearing more about him on this blog whether you like it or not.


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