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martes, julio 08, 2008

anoraak: talking in your sleep (the romantics cover).

dl: ANORAAK - Talking In Your Sleep (The Romantics cover) (YSI)
Ahoy maties, it's been a while! I guess I was on a short hiatus. Some would call it a vacation. Well, now I am ready to emerge from hibernation with the help of a lovely French electro group known as ANORAAK. I mentioned previously that I've been dying to hear their contribution to Buffetlibre's REWIND '80s cover/remix project, and it's finally arrived in the form of a cover of The Romantics tune "Talking In Your Sleep". The original recording was released before I was even born. Despite being the highest charting single by The Romantics and getting major airplay on MTV, modern pop culture has managed to provide "What I Like About You" with permanent placement in my brain. ::shrug:: I'm kind of glad they decided to cover a song that I don't know well. There's a possibility that this may piss off someone who is fond of the original, but if you love ANORAAK as much as I do...there shouldn't be any issues. "Talking In Your Sleep" is also the name of a recent episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation, in which Paige totally thinks she caught the HIV. Just when I thought that show was going to the shih tzus, they finally went there, you know? This ANORAAK cover goes there too, and by "there" I mean a totally awesome place where there's no HIV or Paige Michalchuck.

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