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jueves, junio 12, 2008

pop the fish: chez ta soeur.

This is the type of thing that makes me wonder why I ever draw anything other than anthropomorphic puppies in costumes. And as simple as this doodle is, I couldn't help but wonder who would ever be worthy of this awesomeness. WHO??

The answer arrived in my inbox shortly after finishing the doodle. BoomcarJosee (whose blog is quite outstanding) sent a note of love for Pop The Fish's "Chez Ta Soeur", along with a basic translation of the lyrics:
"I really like the song 'Chez Ta Soeur' by Pop The Fish, so I guess it's only fair that I translate it a little for you. French isn't my native language so I'm not 100% sure if I got it completely right. I believe the song is about a guy who regularly goes to a friends (female) house to watch television in her room. The problem is that his friends sister is always with them... And of course the guy wants to be alone with his girl. So he says: 'demande a ta soeur de sortir de ton lit'. Which means as much as: 'Ask your sister to leave your bed'. In the end of the song, the sister falls asleep in front of the tv and the two lovers go to the sisters room to do some dirty stuff (that's my interpretation :)). But they get caught by the sister and than she finally understands what is going on...I'm not completely sure, but that should be about it :)"
I'm surprised once again that no one else has picked up on Pop The Fish, granted that I agree with Travis at
BIGSTEREO's assessment that bloggers are lazy and tend to stick to their inboxes. It's not like I'm saying I'm a tastemaker and all you bitches should have me on your RSS, but I somehow stumbled across this amazing lad from Normandy with little effort. Is there any possible reason that hundreds of other bloggers have overlooked him?

This isn't some sort of delusional love. As someone who is guilty of occasionally checking how songs they post are received on
Hype Machine, I can tell you that "Chez Ta Soeur" was the third most popular song on my Bathing Booties mini-playlist, falling short of MGMT and BMX while beating out Ladyhawke (!?!), Old Gold, and Norrit's remix of Brandy. Not that these statistics necessarily mean anything. But you know what does mean something? That time when I had "Chez Ta Soeur" as my song on the space, and at least five different friends left comments or messages stating how much they loved it. And you know what else means something? Someone e-mailing you with a translation because they like a song so much. And dedicating a doodle of an anthropomorphic puppy in a costume! That is love, and if you other bloggers never know it, it's probably because you're not listening to Pop The Fish yet.
BONER TRACK: POP THE FISH - L & M à la Piscine (YSI)

BLOGGER NOTE: The audio for today's BONER TRACK cuts off at a weird spot. Sorry about that.

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