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martes, mayo 06, 2008

itms!! mini playlist: bathing booties.

It may be May, but it's not too soon to get ready for the beach. Bathing suit? Check. Sun-tan lotion? Check. Towel? Check. Music? Don't worry. I got your back on this one.
POP THE FISH - Chez Ta Soeur (YSI): Considering that I don't know any French, I know very little about the lyrical content of this song (other than the fact that the title translates to "with your sister"). For sake of maintaining a theme, let's pretend it's about making sandcastles with your little sister. If that doesn't work, at least the word "fish" is in the artist's name? You know, fish totally live in water and shit. Pssh, gimme a break. The songs just need to sound like summer, and this electro-pop jam has "fun in the mothafuckin' sun" written all over it. (SPACE IT - HYPE IT)

BMX* - War (YSI): You steal two fun noodles from some ugly kid and challenge your crush to a duel on a dock, because this beach apparently has a dock. Frustrated by your inability to knock them off with your foam weapon, you just push them off. Now everything is awesome. Your crush looks smokin' hot when wet, you barely broke a sweat, and you are the cheater your momma told you never wins. (SPACE IT - HYPE IT)

MGMT - Just Becuz (YSI): Despite not breaking a sweat, the noodle-fight leaves you quite thirsty. You head over to a concession stand to grab a water, and then you notice that they have ice cream. You worry for a second that it'll go straight to your hips, but then you think "Bump that, this will be delicious." You get a vanilla cone, and you ask for lots of jimmies. Because you are totally from the Midwest and don't like the word "sprinkles". (BUY IT - SITE IT - SPACE IT - HYPE IT - WIK IT)

BRANDY - I Wanna Be Down (Norrit remix) (YSI)**: While waiting thirty minutes prior to swimming, the best '90s R&B song ever pops into your head. You think about how much you want to be down with your crush, and you get a metaphorical boner. I say metaphorical solely because you might have a va-hey-hey. If you don't, then you totally got a real boner. Embarrassing! (SPACE IT - HYPE IT)

MATT AND LIL KIM - 5k, Mothafuckah (YSI): You start to feel guilty about that ice cream cone, so you join a game of volleyball. You realize that Naturi Naughton, formerly of 3LW fame, is on the other team. You start trash-talking her like, "Haha, remember when you were famous?" and then she tells you that she'll be playing Lil Kim in the upcoming film Notorious. You start to feel foolish, but everything gets better when your team kicks her team's ass. You try to get your teammates to chant "Your Playas Can't Really Play" at her, but they don't really get what you're talking about. (VIRB IT)

OLD GOLD - God Almighty (YSI): After so much physical activity, you decide to get your swim on. While drying off, you can't believe your eyes. The volleyball court has been taken over by a gaggle of hot chicks in brightly-colored bikinis. They're pretty good at volleyball, but then they start wrestling, trying to rip one another's bathing suits off, and making out. You feel really stupid when you realize that they're filming for a beer commercial. (BUY IT - SPACE IT)

LADYHAWKE - Back Of The Van (YSI)***: Your crush is listening to Usher and starts joking around, singing "I wanna make looooove on this beach, (ay) on this beach, (ay) on this beach". You're like, "For real?" They say, "4 real, 4 real!" And then you make out. FOR SERIOUS! But you don't make love on the beach because there are other people around, you don't want sand in your butts, and the phrase "making love" gets you both uncomfortable. (SITE IT - SPACE IT - HYPE IT)
* BMX has an incredibly cute song called "Refero Beach" on their space. I'm obsessed. Via BIGSTEREO, but of course.

** Via Palms Out Sounds

*** via BRRRLN

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