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martes, abril 22, 2008

gotdion: britney remix.

dl: BRITNEY SPEARS - Break The Ice (GotdioN remix) (YSI)
Months ago, I was standing in a Hudson News at Penn Station when some British woman began ranting-- "These stupid Americans! They just worship her!" While nearly shouting this, she pawed at all the magazines with Britney Spears on the cover. I really wanted to grab this lady and be like, "Do you not see that every one of these magazines is depicting her in a negative sense?" Perhaps she operated under the "all press is good press" philosophy, in which the tabloids' giving Spears exposure was some sort of "worship". Or she was just dumb.

But maybe she was prophetic? With barely any promotion and an awful performance at the MTV VMAs, Blackout sold 2 million copies worldwide. By "barely any promotion", I mean that the majority of the promotion was provided by Britney's constant spot on newsstands for being a complete wreck-- a superstar gone wrong. While this tabloid-fueled 2 million may seem scant, consider the state of the music industry!*

"Gimme More" and "Piece of Me" broke into the US top ten, keeping Spears relevant for her stripper antics and usage of the word "derriere" in a pop song. And then, while Spears was too much of a wreck to even appear in her own video, they released "Break The Ice". Really? Maybe it's just me, but this was one of my least favorite songs on the album. Why didn't they just throw T-Pain onto a remix of "Hot As Ice"? "Toy Soldier"? "Radar"? "Get Naked"? Something remotely catchy? I'm clearly not the only one who wasn't digging this song, as it hasn't even come close to charting as high as the previous singles...

Given my disdain for this song, you can imagine that I wasn't overly pumped when I received a message from GotdioN that he remixed it. Oddly enough though, "Break The Ice" is almost good now? GotdioN's take allows the song to move forward more than the original, and it's poppier than all the shitty dance mixes I've heard elsewhere. The verdict from people who (probably) like the song seems to be that this shit is "hot", even if the man himself mentions that it's held back by "a few timing issues with the vocals".

BONER TRACK: TIGARAH - Everything (GotdioN remix) (YSI)

* And the fact that Spears isn't a particularly good singer and has completely obliterated her reputation for making up for it with performances...

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