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martes, abril 08, 2008

track by track: trilla.

I can haz gvng u hed n Ut00b?
Welcome to Track By Track, in which I quite obviously put in my two cents about albums, um...track by track.

PRELUDE: Rick Ross is not a good rapper. I felt a need to say that before I wrote this review. What he lacks in the lyrical department, he makes up for in the swagger department. In other words, he can make really stupid shit entertaining and (usually) listenable. This provides him with the ability to outsell more-talented artists such as Erykah Badu and not-as-talented-you-really-should-retire, high-profile artists such as Janet Jackson. I am unsure whether this is a natural talent, the product of hard work, or the result of hustling every day (as opposed to hustling every other day).
  1. TRILLA INTRO: "Shoutout to Rick Ross, because I run this."-- Arguably, this is the most impressive song on the album. A list of shoutouts over a beat by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League almost sounds like a real song. This is what I mean by swagger...though it could also be argued that this song only works because no one really cares what comes out of the mouth of Rick Ross. Kudos for shouting out himself.
  2. ALL I HAVE IN THIS WORLD (featuring Mannie Fresh): "I'm talkin' Japanese denim, money stuffed in 'em."-- I usually find Mannie Fresh rather annoying. In fact, I still kind of do. His minimal involvement on the chorus of this song is appreciated. Rick Ross, as usual, says very few things that are important or original. Despite this, the song is still enjoyable.
  3. THE BOSS (featuring T-Pain): "Always wear plastics 'cause shit happen"-- While it feels like this song hardly made a dent, this is currently the biggest Rick Ross single to date. It just goes to show that anything is possible with T-Pain. Anything.
  4. SPEEDIN' (featuring R. Kelly): "Americal idol, I got fans like Fantasia. Read between the lines or your ass like Fantasia."-- This vastly superior first single didn't make as much of a splash for some reason. By vastly superior, I mean the production from The Runners > J.R. Rotem's production on "The Boss". I guess the public thought "Vocoders > R. Kelly"?
  5. WE SHININ': "Gimme head on YouTube and then pop bottles."-- Bink!'s production on this song is more soul-tinged than the songs that lead up to this. It's okay, but nothing to write home about. Maybe it's just the annoying reference to Kanye that troubles me?
  6. MONEY MAKE ME COME (featuring EbonyLove): "She don't call them purses, bitch call em bags. I don't know the names, I know they cost some stacks."-- I'd love to say something about how problematic it is that the one female guest on this album is reduced to a materialistic caricature and not even given her own verse, but is that argument even valid against someone who refers to women as "bitch"? We can't take Rick Ross too seriously. The mere title of this song makes me giggle a little, because I imagine EbonyLove female-ejaculating in her pants every time money touches her hand. I hope she uses debit or credit, because that'd make checking out at the supermarket terribly awkward...
  7. INTERLUDE (DJ Khaled): "We are here forever."-- Wow, this was really unnecessary. I guess it gives you time to take a bathroom break?
  8. THIS IS THE LIFE (featuring Trey Songz): "It's not that I'm arrogant, I'm just extravagant."-- For some reason, I imagine that quote serving as a good line in a drag queen number. Think about it. If you add a exclamation point to that and a thumping dance beat, we're on to something. On another note, Trey Songz kind of sounds like T-Pain or Akon's understudy on this.
  9. THIS ME: "Six bitches numbers on the same napkin, now that's what I call a chain reaction."-- Damn, this song would probably better if Trey Songz were singing the hook...
  10. HERE I AM (featuring Nelly & Avery Storm): "Your last man was a chump and you can tell him I said it."-- I can't even listen to this song. Nelly? On a kind-of love song? In my head, I am pretending that the label somehow snuck Nelly onto this song at the last minute, just so I can maintain the small bit of respect I have for Rick Ross. This isn't 2002!
  11. MAYBACH MUSIC (featuring Jay-Z): Presumably, the post-interlude slump was in preparation for some awesomeness. Jay-Z and a Friends Of Distinction sample make said awesomeness happen. No matter what Jay says on this, we know it will be better than anything Ricky has said on the entire album, so we welcome him with very open arms.
  12. BILLIONAIRE: My first reaction upon hearing this track is wondering whether my iTunes accidentally switched to some unreleased music by Cassie the butterfly. Somehow J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League channels Ryan Leslie for this beat, and turns out the best Rick Ross song without a featured guest on this album (though the "Intro" could give it a run for it's money).
  13. LUXURY TAX (featuring Lil Wayne, Trick Daddy, & Young Jeezy): "And they say you ain't great until someone assasinate, and I feel like MLK."-- Don't be deceived. Rick Ross didn't spit that line. I'm sure a avid hip-hop fan could figure out who did by looking at the list of featured guests. His mere presence somehow makes this song great, and I'm not even one of his worshippers.
  14. REPPIN' MY CITY (featuring Triple C & Brisco): "Tell the truth I ain't a lover, but I fuck her like I love her"-- Though it'd probably be dismissed as a cheap effort to repeat the success of "Hustlin", I nominate this as the next Rick Ross single. The chorus is slightly addictive, the energy is perfect for the impending warmth, and I imagine that white people would totally love this. Remixes will spring up everywhere from Hoboken to Raleigh to Tulsa, in which groups of amateur or pro rappers "rep" their respective cities. Hipsters will make electro remixes and mash it up with Crystal Castles (or something like that). If any of the people who represent Rick Ross are reading this, take note.
  15. I'M ONLY HUMAN (featuring Rodney): "I'm only human. I'm a man, I make mistakes."-- There's something too sincere about this track. In fact, this sincerity is unwelcome after a four-song trek that included three of the album's best tracks. Is this really how you want to go out? That's on some soft shit like Snuggles the fabric softener bear.
FINAL WORDS: Trilla isn't an album that you'd put on to walk your shih tzu down the street, but if your dog is considerably more bad-ass...Mr. Ross would supply a great faux-bad-ass soundtrack. This is music for pumping out of your car or dancing drunk, not reading philosophy and sipping on tea. If you keep this in mind, Trilla is a decent album. There are some inconsistencies here and there, but no one expects Rick Ross to turn out a classic album. Do they?

RECOMMENDATIONS: "Maybach Music", "Luxury Tax", "Reppin' My City"
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Anonymous djOcho said...

oh man, the beginning of the speeding video is amazing. and the runners production is definitely better than the boss prod. oh t-pain.
i do like big boss' beard.

4/10/2008 4:46 a. m.  
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