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martes, abril 01, 2008

the lady tigra & mc lyte: they stole my radio.

dl: THE LADY TIGRA f/ MC LYTE - They Stole My Radio (YSI)
I forgot to mention before that my weekend involved a trip to The Pink Tea Cup, a restaurant that once propelled Whoopi Goldberg to say "Honey, come get some of this food, it's good y'all." And while I'd say that you'd be an April FOOL to not take Whoopi's endorsement seriously, I must admit the food was nowhere near as exciting as the mere possibility that I was sitting in the same seat as some of hip-hop's most influential ladies. Mary J. Blige! Queen Latifah! MC Lyte!*

And this awkward segue leads me to The Lady Tigra's solo album Please Mr. Boombox. For those who are unfamiliar, The Lady Tigra is half of the Miami-Bass duo L'Trimm (known mostly for their hit "Cars That Go Boom"). For those who are familiar, can you explain why so many of the bloggers who posted "Bass On The Bottom" neglected to mention that motherfuckin' MC Lyte brought it on (all or nothing) by contributing a verse to Tigra's album? I guess I have to make up for their mistakes.**

* One of my new favorite blogs Mixtape Maestro Presents: 90's R&B Junkie has Brandy's "I Wanna Be Down" remix, which features both Queen Latifah and MC Lyte.
** Except for you Arjan.

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