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jueves, abril 03, 2008

diva what? diva who?: stevie tech nicks does leona lewis.

dl: LEONA LEWIS - Bleeding Love (Stevie Tech Nicks 2008 Live Edit) (YSI)
Am I getting old and wise? Or are the music industry's desperate attempts at marketing just becoming that obvious? I started wondering this after these Leona Lewis posters popped up on the streets of NYC (almost) immediately after her appearance on Oprah, which labeled her song "Bleeding Love" as a massive hit. Initially I thought it was a premature assessment to use the word "massive". The song only spent one week as a number one single, right? As expected, the following week found us with post-emancipation Mariah Carey tackling Leona, beating the crap out of Elvis, and blah blah blah.

A little wikipedia research revealed that I was thinking like a stupid American. "Bleeding Love" is ten times more massive than "Touch My Body" or "4 Minutes To Save The World". It's even (gasp) more massive than Flo Rida's "Low". No matter what happens to Leona in the US her international appeal steamrolls Mimi and Madge, having hit number one in over twenty-seven countries. MASSIVE. Though I guess over-exaggerating the appeal of a song wouldn't necessarily be anything new in the industry...


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