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lunes, abril 21, 2008

benni e: call me daddy.

Say hello to Benni E. Back in November, she busted on stage out of nowhere at a Sgt. Sass show to deliver a verse over 50 Cent's "I Get Money". And hell...this mysterious lady in a pink-wig spit so hard that I imagined Fiddy was somewhere crying about his inferiority. I was immediately starstruck, feeling a need to go shake her hand and churn out a compliment of no substance like, "Woooow, oh my god. That was SO AWESOME." I relived this day over and over as I listened to the Sgt. Sass mixtape Double S 4 Mayor, continuing to be intrigued by this self-proclaimed "vegetarian hype girl".

Two weekends ago, she celebrated the release of her mixtape Microphone Influenza at Make Yr Break's April partay (The Bubble House, Philadelphia). Upon arriving to the space, I was greeted with a big hug and then reprimanded for not visiting sooner. There was some chill time with tunes provided by DJ Bunnystyle, and then we all finally got some new flavor in our earrrrrrs! I don't even have words to describe how "SO AWESOME" the performance was. I mean, if my ears could taste, they'd be like "DAMN THAT JAM WAS DELICIOUS!!"

How delicious? Well have a taste yourself! "Call Me Daddy" is rapped over the instrumental for Spank Rock's "Backyard Betty", and it's totally better than Spank Rock. If you're hungry for more after that, check out more tracks on the space, including a free download of the mixtape's title track "Microphone Influenza".


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Anonymous Anónimo said...

ridiculous. i love this stuff

4/21/2008 5:15 p. m.  

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