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miércoles, abril 09, 2008

sensual harassment: mirror.

I don't know diddly-hoo about John Barclay or Todd Thomas (The Fashion Brigade, Emergency Broadcast System), but I certainly do enjoy "Mirror", a song from the Brooklyn duo's latest project Sensual Harassment. I was first drawn to them by their photos on the space, in which the members' faces are consistently hidden behind two animal masks-- a pig and a crocodile/alligator (?). I'd be disappointed if I found out they perform without these costumes. Because the world needs more animals that rock.

The rocking on this song is on the verge of power-dance-emo, which somehow doesn't make me feel shameful. Even the vocals are slightly Conor Oberst-like, making me really wonder why I don't feel shameful. I don't know if their album has been officially released yet, but they worked on it with a dude who worked with The Cure and a dude that worked with Snoop Dogg. Drop it like it's hot hot hot!


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