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miércoles, abril 30, 2008

brenmar: yeasayer remix.

dl: YEASAYER - 2080 (brenmar remix) (YSI)
I remember that I once had this Choose Your Own Adventure book in which "you" get shrunken down to the size of an ant. The happiest ending finds you falling from very high into a cup of pudding! Oh, delicious...until you think about the physics of the situation. Technically you should have drowned in that pudding. But it sure beats the other option-- time-traveling and getting stepped on by a giant dinosaur! And you were just trying to time-travel back to the point before you got shrinky with it! Gadzooks!

's remix of Yeasayer's "2080" is like choosing to confront the dinosaur. Except in this case, the dinosaur is magic and makes you as big as it is! And it wants to be your friend! And eat giant bowls of pudding with it! And then you'd step on people you don't like. You know?

Who is Brenmar? I'm glad you asked. Brenmar is Bill Salas, the man behind the drums/electronics of These Are Powers. He's done a remix of their song "Little Sisters" as well as remixes of Aa, Clipd Beaks, Mahjongg, and High Places. The tunes are constructed "
out of old dusty records, digital and analogue synthesizers, microphones, samplers, pedals, toys, and found sounds." Such sounds make MGMT tour-mates Yeasayer's sufficiently more interesting, which is quite a task given that Yeasayer is (no offense) totally boring.


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