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jueves, mayo 01, 2008

alan wilkis: milk and cookies.

dl: ALAN WILKIS - Milk And Cookies (YSI)
Alan Wilkis is an independent musician from Brooklyn, and he recently released his first solo album Babies Dream Big. Combining '70s and '80s soul, soft rock, and electronic music, Wilkis creates jam after jam. A popular track on the album called "Milk And Cookies" was partially inspired by Tears For Fears, but that wasn't all! Wilkis confided in me about some of the lyrical content in the song...
"Lyrically, (this is kinda funny / can't believe I'm admitting this) some inspiration came from New Kids on the Block... that's right... NKOTB! A friend had emailed me the song, 'Tonight,' probably more as a joke than anything, but I wound up listening to it a bunch of times. There's all these funny Beatles references in there (seriously) - they rip off some of the string parts from 'Eleanor Rigby' and a bunch of other things too...totally weird and awesome...

"Anyway, I was listening to it and noticed that they must have said the word "girl" about 15,000 times over the course of the song. Like so incredibly excessive that I started thinking what if they were in on it/were consciously trying to be ridiculous/clever under the guise of total pop stardom, and did their fans even notice at the time? So basically, I was thinking about that quite a bit when I came up with the verses for the song..."
On top of genre-fucking, this song is a total mind-fuck in the best way possible. The synth that comes in around 0:15 is so reminiscent of Reading Rainbow, and then it turns into this totally rad '80s arena rock Beck-esque tune. There's this totally-Nintendo breakdown at 2:25, and around 3:33 another breakdown reminiscent of fist-pumping and Prince. Genius.

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