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viernes, mayo 30, 2008

bmx: refero beach.

dl: BMX - Refero Beach (YSI)
If I hold off on blogging about BMX any longer, I am going to explode. I've been hooked ever since I first heard "Theme To BMX" on BIGSTEREO, but I never thought my words could do justice in explaining why they're one of my new favorite bands. I did include "War" on my Bathing Booties mini-playlist, but it just isn't enough! They really deserve their own post.

Who are these characters? I'm glad you asked. The allegedly Australian culprits of awesomeness go by the names of Dominique Bird, Jad Lee, Temma Lee, and Dane Wilson. The genius behind it all is Moods. The vibe has been compared to a lo-fi version of Gameboy/Gamegirl, but I think that's mostly because of the male-female vocal exchange and whole "being Australian" kind of thing. Either way, they are the soundtrack to your next beach party.

"Refero Beach" kind of makes me feel like this, but inside my body. I'm so hooked on the child-like vocals, call and response, and guys saying that they're a girl's girl.


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