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jueves, abril 26, 2007

sir salvatore: those men are not astronauts.

SIR SALVATORE are just so good that I don't care if four other blogs already told you to like them.

The band is composed of four San Francisco fellas whose musical heroes include Pavement, The Pixies, The Unicorns, and Polvo. In their previous projects, the individual band members have collectively opened shows for Xiu Xiu, Spoon, Crooked Fingers, and Denali. Rumor has it that they're a band you should be catching live. Most importantly, these guys just released their debut EP, Those Men Are Not Astronauts, three days ago. It has six songs on it. I've only heard two, but they're I assume the rest are. You should make the same assumption. Please?

Take a few listens to "Hooray This Projector". I'd like to think it is the indie equivalent of Riha
nna's "Umbrella", in the sense that it'll take four listens before you're really hooked (see said the gramophone). The guitar line is undeniably catchy, and even if you think this song is nothing could be wrong. Plus, how can you resist a song with a music video that combines science and dancing!?!

d/l: SIR SALVATORE- Hooray This Projector (YSI)
d/l: SIR SALVATORE- Public Key (YSI)
(the San Francisco indie treat)
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