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jueves, abril 26, 2007

azeda booth: mysterious body.

AZEDA BOOTH is a Canadian experimental-pop sextet. Mysterious Body is an EP recorded two years ago by only two of its members.

So, uh, why is it being released now? "...The recording is a glimpse into the beginnings of Azeda Booth and a taste of things to come," says the band. Apparently the new material is a bit different, but I respect that they want us to know where they're coming from. Especially when where they're coming from is so good(!).

Mysterious Body is quickly being recognized for two songs featuring male vocalist Jordon Hossack's incredible falsetto-- "Landscape (With Grass)" and "Dead Girls". The songs are considered opposites, but I'm not sure if I agree. Perhaps it is the three mellow instrumental tracks that enclose them...but for me, each of these songs has the feeling of a lullaby. "Landscape (With Grass)" is your mother singing you to sleep, while "Dead Girls" is your tone-deaf babysitter. Neither of the songs have the lyrical content of lullabies (as mothers aren't often singing that "your children hate you"), but don't act like "Rock-a-bye Baby" isn't a little fucked up. Just sayin'.

Azeda Booth also is skillful in creating good short songs. Four out of the five songs on this EP clock under three minutes, and you know how I feel about short songs. If you don't know...well, I like them. Speaking of short songs, be sure to take a listen to "Puddle Duck" on their space. Absolutely beauty-licious.

d/l: AZEDA BOOTH- Landscape (With Grass) (YSI)
d/l: AZEDA BOOTH- Dead Girls (YSI)
(experimental pop)
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