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martes, enero 20, 2009

little pictures: remix contest runner-ups (part one).

I'm the worst blogger ever. Who holds a remix contest and doesn't announce the winners until nearly a month after intended? I do. But whatevs, I'm a blogger-being, not a damn internet messiah. Below are some runner-ups for the Little Pictures "This House Can Fit Us All" remix contest. You'll notice that the majority of them are electro-tinged, heading towards an "up in the club" direction. You'll also notice a common trend among the two winners and the grand prize winner, but you're going to have to wait at least a week to hear those!

This House Can Fit Us All (Command Click remix) (alt): While this take is very electro, it doesn't tread down predictable banger territory. In other words, there are some weird-ass sounds incorporated. Unfortunately, some of the sounds and the general dissonance stresses me out. I say that with no malicious intent (some of my favorite songs stress me out a little). If I were drunk, I'd flop like a muppet to this.

This House Can Fit Us All (J.A.M.I.E. remix) (alt): What if band members Mark and Johanna were robbed of their hearts and turned into total robot-faces? Would they still be able to love? Would they still be able to rock? I bet their songs would sound something like this.

This House Can Fit Us All (Doppler Effect remix) (alt): If I were the kind of person who liked to dance on tables in my underwear alongside a chick dressed as Princess Jasmine and a giant chicken, this is the remix I'd be dancing to. Wall-E would serve us shots of absinthe laced with awesome, and then he'd do body shots off of Cinderella. Then Eve (the robot, not the rapper) would roll up with an entourage of misfit robots, and they'd massacre the shit out of Cindy down to her glass slippas. We'd keep dancing.

This House Can Fit Us All (TechnoBears remix) (alt): I have to admit, I was really excited about the TechnoBears remix based on the name alone. I had this image of Care Bears spinning records in the clouds and twirling glowsticks. This remix couldn't live up to such high expectations. Don't get me wrong. It does have a certain banger appeal, but nothing in this world could be as good as candy raver Care Bears, you know?

This House Can Fit Us All (Cat Tucker House Piano remix) (alt): With no disrespect to the remixer, my favorite moments of this remix are the minimal bits. Much like some of Command Click's sounds, that piano stresses me out.

This House Can Fit Us All (JustDima remix) (alt): If PacMan had a party, he'd totally DJ from an iPod, and this remix would be on the party playlist. While that makes it sound like this song has some crazy Atari sounds happening, it really has nothing of the sort. I'm just sayin'... this would be the perfect song to get your ghost friends drunk to. And then eat them.

This House Can Fit Us All (RomeyBoy remix) (alt): This is probably the most commercially viable remix, except it probably wouldn't speak to actual Little Pictures fans. I could see this getting a club moving right in between dance remixes of Jordin Sparks' "No Air" and Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body", except the club kids would be confused as hell about the original song.

This House Can Fit Us All (hEADaCHE remix) (alt): I don't know if the creator of this remix did his research, but if they ever read this blog... ze would know that I love short songs. This was the shortest entry, coming closest to the length of the actual song. I applaud.

This House Can Fit Us All (Panther Hands remix) (alt): At the one minute mark of this remix, this overwhelming party happens. It's like that scene in Mean Girls where Cady gets cheese and crackers for a few people and then some mega alcoholic slut party goes down in her living room. Except at our party we didn't throw up in Aaron Samuels' lap. We made out in a closet six times.

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Anonymous JustDima said...

I thought we had been forgotten about :-P

Some good remixes there. The ones that stood out for me would be the hEADaCHE remix, and the RomeyBoy remix(after mine of course hehe) :-D

Seems some people were either experimenting with timing or had a bit of trouble with it?

Good luck to all!

Thanks for posting all that up.

1/20/2009 5:28 p. m.  
Anonymous hEADaCHE said...

Thanks for the props! I'll be listening shortly...

1/29/2009 8:10 a. m.  

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