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lunes, enero 19, 2009

head like a kite: daydream vacation.

dl: HEAD LIKE A KITE f/ ASYA of SMOOSH - Daydream Vacation (alt)
There was a hot minute in my life when Smoosh was my favorite band in existence. For the duration of that minute (which I dropped, given that it was hot), the band consisted of two pre-teen girls named Chloe and Asya. There was just something so magical about these two little girls making such glorious pop tunes. I mean, while they were recording their first full-length album, other girls their age would have been watching Lizzie McGuire. Or like, playing with power tools? Fuck gender norms y'all.*

Without my Smoosh obsession, I would have never encountered Head Like A Kite. And if I hadn't been doing research for a piece I wrote for CinemaBlend, I would never have realized that they released another album. Not only that, but this album includes yet another collaboration with Asya from Smoosh. They first joined forces for "Noisy at the Circus", a tune on HLAK's 2006 debut album Random Portraits of the Home Movie, and the follow up is the slightly darker "Daydream Vacation". I honestly can't decide which I prefer, and I hate to admit it... But I think I only really love Head Like A Kite when Asya's singing. Can't they just put her in the band? ::sigh::
BONER TRACK: HEAD LIKE A KITE f/ ASYA of SMOOSH - Noisy At The Circus (alt)
* I'm not saying this because girls should be able to play with power tools. I'm saying this because I watched Lizzie McGuire all the fucking time. I have this secret dream that Lalaine (Miranda Sanchez) is going to have an Emancipation of Mimi-style comeback. Remember when she tried to have a music career? Remember when her character committed suicide on a season seven episode of Buffy? Remember when she did CRYSTAL METH? My mind is blown, and I love that this post was an excuse for me to write a whole lot about motherfuckin' Lalaine Vergara-Paras. She's my favorite actress in the history of everything.

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Anonymous Colin said...

There's so much I love about this post.

#1) I totally ignored Smoosh forever thinking that they were purely an indie gimmick band until "Free To Stay" came up on my pandora radio once and I was like "wow, this is kind of great. I wish I had been into this when it was cool"

#2) <3 Lalaine <3 soooo much. I hope she has a comeback too, however, I feel like Selena Gomez might take her place as the "ethnic" disney channel star. But, fuck, I love LaLaine.

1/21/2009 3:11 p. m.  
Anonymous K M said...

Wow. As someone who just made it halfway through Season 6 of Buffy last week, I did not expect a music blog to deliver a spoiler that massive. That... sucked. But thanks for the song, I guess.

1/25/2010 6:16 p. m.  

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