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miércoles, diciembre 10, 2008

kalenna: settle down.

"Hump-Hop Hooray" is the latest regular series here. Every Wednesday, I'll be bringing you a different hip-hop track, new or old, for your hump day consideration.

A supposedly anonymous voice in the intro to "Settle Down" asks several times "Who is she?", only to be followed up by a slightly angry response--"Kalenna!" It's said in a matter of fact "duh" way, as if you're stupid for not having figured it out by now. But when you think about it, it's a relatively accurate demonstration of Kalenna's celebrity status. Even if someone told you a song was by her, you'd still have no idea who they're talking about. While I'd love to say that Kalenna deserves national recognition as soon as tomorrow, the most I can say at this moment is that she possesses untapped potential that needs to be realized... hopefully, as soon as tomorrow.

"Settle Down" provides the clearest example of Kalenna's conceivable career. It's unique in the sense that it's entirely rapped, while the majority of her offerings fall into the category of mid-tempo R&B. As this is a mixtape track, it's possible she was just fucking around with her producer and having fun. Whatever the case is, the attitude portrayed on "Settle Down" is ten times more intriguing than the rest of her repertoire. While I wouldn't complain if Kalenna changed directions and went entirely hip-hop, I think she should at least consider lending her voice to an uptempo jam where she delivers rhymes (a la Mary J. Blige's rap alter-ego Brook Lynn).

Favorite moment: "I'm twenty-two, and I ain't got no stretch marks!"

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