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domingo, diciembre 07, 2008

erykah badu: unofficial "soldier" remix contest.

I've seen New Amerykah, Pt. 1 (4th World War) on quite a few "best of" lists for 2008, and while I'll say that it definitely deserves a spot on every one of those lists, I'm not about to fuck with making any "best of" lists. It is what it is!

But you know what isn't what it is, or at least what it should be? The acappella for "Soldier". I find it hard to believe that I have this acappella on my computer, yet I haven't seen a single remix of the song with more than the original track and some random rapper adding rhymes. This needs to change.

Now that the Little Pictures remix contest deadline has passed, I'll be holding an unofficial Erykah Badu remix contest because "Soldier" is too good to not receive the proper remix treatment. The prize ain't much more than glory and your own customized ITMS!! badoodle, but maybe there's a chance that Erykah will hear your remix. Badu spends half of her time in Brooklyn, so if I open my windows and play your remix loud enough... maybe she'll just happen to be passing by? Let's not act like stranger things haven't happened.

Deadline is January 5, 2009. Send submissions to  Anything goes. Bring it.


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