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miércoles, diciembre 03, 2008

sgt. sass: drop the glass.

After releasing the Double S 4 Mayor mixtape over a year ago, Sgt. Sass are following it up with a new EP entitled Body Rock. "Drop The Glass" (produced by Steven Bloodbath) is the first song off the EP to reach the world's ears, and it's joined by "Demonstrate", a b-side sampling the guitar riff from Hole's "Celebrity Skin". Both tracks epitomize the party-laden theme of Body Rock, but don't think that every song on the EP will fit into the same sonic soundscape as these two. The title track has a little bit of an ol' skool vibe with crazy electronic elements stitched in, and the poppier sound of "Never Again" will have you doing some crazy elbow dances. Or at least it'll have me doing some crazy elbow dances.

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