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martes, octubre 28, 2008

roy g and the biv: socks on.

I don't even understand how Roy G and the Biv have the audacity to be this awesome. From the first few seconds of "Jungle Fever", I was hooked because I half expected Pusha T or Malice of the Clipse to bust out with a verse. When the vocals came in, I felt like I was listening to Justin Timberlake and the lyrics reminded me of that ridiculous Craig David song with the Willy Wonka video ("What's Your Flava?"). Somehow this pop/R&B sensibility is kept up while going into Daft Punk or Chromeo territory a little later in the song. There are points throughout their self-titled EP when I hear a little Phoenix, a little R. Kelly, a little Prince, a little Hall & Oates, but it's always a lot of awesome. This is me whispering in your ear, "Do you want to feel awesome tonight?" This is you not being creeped out and listening to Roy G and the Biv. This is you feeling awesome.

It's been a while since I've been so overwhelmed by a band's awesomeness that I can't even think of synonyms for awesome. Roy G and the Biv's self-titled EP is now available through their page on the space and should be on iTunes soon. I'll be sure to let you know when "soon" is, because you deserve to be awesome.


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