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lunes, septiembre 08, 2008

leif: cruz ctrl (demo).

I'm sure most of you don't keep tabs on the blogroll here, and that makes sense. I can hardly keep up with all those blogs myself, you know? With that said, I'd like to direct your attention to a little ol' blog called terf- work. He caught my attention when I saw that he posted a rip of Leif's "CRUZ CTRL", and kept my attention when I realized that he also wrote about the lovely Benni E. In general, the blog's got some great energy for being relatively new and occasionally there's some bad-ass custom-made album artwork. Coincidentally, the blogger happens to be the little brother of one of my acquaintances in Philly, but is it okay if I adopt him as my little blogbrother?

Blog-love festival aside, Leif's "CRUZ CTRL" may just be a demo, yet it's pretty much the best thing that's been posted here, like, ever. Okay, possibly an overstatement, but this is a fucking jam. Until I had a rip, I would visit Leif's page on the space nearly ten times to get geeked up listening to it. And as much as I try to stick to blogger ethics and not post too many things that aren't available for download, this needs to get into as many ears as possible.

Also, be sure to check out the remixes of "Black Magic" and "Timbs" by Stay High, The Touch, Ian Johnson, and KEUKENGEREI.

BONER TRACK: LEIF - Little Bit (Lykke Li cover) (Z)

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Anonymous terf work said...

I'd be honored to be your adopted blogbrother haha
Thanks for the link

9/15/2008 9:31 p. m.  

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