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miércoles, octubre 08, 2008

living days: somebody else.

I'd like to tell you more about Living Days, but I simply don't have much to work with. Apparently the lead singer used to be in this band. They seem to have some sort of affiliation with Tha Pumpsta, Mirror Mirror, White Williams, Man Man, and Bunny Rabbit + Black Cracker. Evidence seems to point out that they've played a few shows with Tha Pumpsta, and they'll be playing together again this weekend at the OS Arthouse (La di Da di Rock da Party, as mentioned in my last post). This show happens to coincide with National Coming Out Day, so at least we know that they're totally cool with gays and if you don't like that you can stop reading this blog, like, now. Oh, I think they also like ghosts.

I couldn't quite figure out what "Somebody Else" reminded me of, so I asked my co-pilot in love, GPK. The answer: the second coming of the Sneaker Pimps (see "Bloodsport" particularly). I can totally agree with this description, given that both "Bloodsport" and "Somebody Else" simultaneously stress me out and make me want to dance a little. Only a little. We both agreed that the vocals were slightly reminiscent of
The Cure, but let's not talk about the fact that they're still making music and pretend this is their second coming too.

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Blogger ella said...

Man, I am glad you wrote about this band. I saw them randomly at two different galleries and It was seriously fun and amazing. I guess they must be new? because I don't know how they could still be under the radar. They are a five piece band. The guitarist is killer, kind of Kevin Shields like. Kinda. The drummer is like a female Charlie Watts. Great analog keyboards. Just so good. I know i'm gushing but they really did restore something in me. Thanks!

10/08/2008 5:33 p. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

The singer freaked me out in an awesome way.

10/08/2008 7:11 p. m.  
Blogger Becca the Promo Mami said...

the vocal is also (weirdly) very remy shand (what happened to him?).... but subtract the soul and add a little glitter.

1/05/2009 8:40 p. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

these cats are fakes...Charlie Watts? more like Charlie Brown..but the biggest fakes are the singer and the guitar parasites...

6/22/2009 9:37 p. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

...also have fed off of many, but when the new enlightenment comes, we shall dispose of all pretenders...why do people fall for a 15-cent bad imitation of Maya Deren?

6/22/2009 9:59 p. m.  
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Blogger Robert said...

The lead singer used to be in this great band called Aqui, along with Gus the guitar player!

5/03/2010 6:40 p. m.  

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